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Re: Jem Jr with H/S/S, possible?

[QUOTE=linus;1413834]Would it be possible to install a pickguard with a Humbucker & 2 single coils in a Jem Jr, instead of a Humbucker, single coil, humbucker?[quote]
Yes the body route allows a single or humbucker but you'd need a new pickguard to convert it neatly to SSH. Of course you could just wire the neck humbucker as a single coil (or parallel) and change nothing assuming the PU is 4-wire.

Originally Posted by linus View Post
Is there a downside to this?
Limiting tone & sound possibilities.

Originally Posted by linus View Post
Would it be better to just buy a single coil in humbucker format, such as the EMG HA for neck position, instead?
there is no better just what you prefer.
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