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Re: Favorite Youtuber

+1 for Uncle Ben - he's funny, knowledgeable, great player and teacher. I also really like Steve Stine's lessons - he is a great player, clear communicator and one of the best guitar teachers on youtube, imho. Carl Brown at guitar lessons 365 is also very good and he offers lots of lessons...there are so many lessons on his youtube channels (one channel is for song lessons and the other is for theory / technical lessons).

Premier Guitar has a great youtube channel - I like their rig rundown videos. ProGuitarShopDemos is also a great youtube channel - I like their gear demos.

I also like PixxyLixxx - that dude is entertaining to listen to and he comes up with some pretty killer rock guitar tones - good player too...his channel is fun to watch and I like the tones he gets.

I also love Dimitar Nalbantov's channel - lately he's been posting mostly Kuassa amp software tones but he is one of my all-time favorite guitar players on the planet so I love any opportunity to hear him play because I think he is amazing.

Youtube has so much stuff - lots of junk but lots of really great stuff too - I find that I'm on youtube pretty much every day looking for something. It is such a great resource for learning.
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