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Mixing Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio - Output match?

Hey there... I'm trying to wake up the sound of my SZ320 a bit and I have a Norton laying around that I'm dying to try out. Before I install it and put on a new set of expensive Elixirs I though I'd ask about how well it will match up output-wise with the stock Seymour Duncan '59 neck pickup that's in it. I can find as much info on SD's site about the output as you get from DiMarzio... just impedance.

Norton (bridge) - 352mv, 12.62k ohms
SD '59 (neck) - no mv info, 7.6k ohms

Is this going to be a close enough output match that I can work with pickup height and get them in the same ballpark?

Thanks for any info or advice!!
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