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Re: Mixing Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio - Output match?

Thanks you guys... I might go ahead and give it a try then. I did look up the DiMarzio vs SD pickup colors, so it should be pretty simple. I looked up a wring diagram on-line last night and found the one I posted on the forum here a few years ago. The SZ guitars use a big 4-pole, double throw switch with some strange internal contacts that make and break in different positions. It was hell mapping it out years ago and figuring out the proper wiring.

I tuned it up last night just to get a good idea of how it sounded, as I hadn't played it in a while. I was actually surprised how good it sounded with the stock pickups, basically a Duncan Distortion bridge and '59 neck. I hadn't played a shorter scale guitar in a while and I really noticed how much easier the bends were... can't wait to get this guitar jazzed up and restrung!
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