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Re: It's quiet here.

Originally Posted by Shredder87 View Post
It's funny, many forums go through phases where there seems to be a plethora of idiots that just ruin the atmosphere - I've noticed that with other forums I visit. Don't understand why people do it - must be some very sad people out there with too much time on their hands & not enough brains. I was away for quite a bit so I must've missed that here.

There are still a few interesting threads cropping up here and there which is encouraging, and the atmosphere here seems pretty civil. One of the worst forums I visit is a Pilots' forum. Even accounting for the general arrogance that many pilots have it is a pretty vile place. On the other hand a car forum I visit is always very civil and helpful - like here!

I think the internet has changed the way people react to each other, for the worse. Folk act a differnt way hiding behind a keyboard and monitor to what they would face-to-face. I am on FB but tend to avoid it these days - too much "look at me! look at me! look at me!", selfies of daft women on nights out trying to pose as models (yawn), folk arguing about politics (yawn), unfunny and offensive "jokes" and memes, folk having public meltdowns and screaming for attention (yawn), needless airing of every single personal detail in public (what I had for breakfast, what I'm up to at work, new car I've bought, just bought a can of beans at supermarket, have farted 35 times today including a catastrophic shart that contained the onions from last nights curry, etc. etc. etc.) - since turning 30 it's really turned me off. Now I have a handful of forums that I visit plus a couple of weather websites, and that's about all I do now on the internet - can't be bothered with the rest. Minor rant over...!

I use FB as a way to keep on contact with family and famous musicians that I got to meet and keep in touch with them (i.e. the guys from the English band Power Quest).
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