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Edge tremolo won't stay in tune after a dive or a pull

I recently bought a new Ibanez RG655 with an Edge tremolo. So far I really like the guitar except for the tuning stability issues.
It goes flat / sharp depending on whether I dive or pull on the strings.
I can usually get it back to perfect tuning by pulling after a dive, diving after a pull and by adjusting the tremolo bar position.
I've changed to a thicker strings gauge since I got it, but I had the same issue with it when it had the original strings installed as well.
I adjusted the bridge to compensate for the new strings and it's aligned correctly as far as I can tell. The locking nuts and and the studs are locked and I've also stretched the strings several times already.
I've checked out ibanez rules and followed some of the advice from Rick's website, but the problem continues.
The tremolo bar position seems to affect the pitch a little as well. If I hold the guitar in the playing position and the tremolo bar is perpendicular to the ground, the guitar is in perfect tune. If I move it left or right it goes a little flat / sharp.

Thank you, any help is highly appreciated!
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