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Re: A Musical Education

Originally Posted by jemsite View Post
Dumb question but what meaningful employment does a music degree - in and of itself - allow ? Seems really limited to teaching or hired performer but i'm really honestly asking.

You can surely study music without the goal of having a musical degree but can you really learn "musicianship" in school? Seems like something really gained by taking an innate gift/ability and cultivating it with lots of prior listening & playing a lot with others. In an age nowadays where many HS grads "study" for two degrees (often before trying to get a job) don't you wonder if "studying music" (left brain activity) actually hurts musicianship?

The bigger (unanswerable) question is what is "good music"? You don't need a music degree to create "good music" AFAIK.
Didn't Satch drop out of a music degree?

I think that a music degree can help you write "complicated" music, but whether it can help you write "good" music...
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