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Re: did a whole bunch of forums just get merged?

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Different finishes make a different model. They take the VWH and make it BK and you're not going to count it? Although I do get your point. And it's not that there's any lack of new releases to talk about.
I was reinforcing your earlier point. Even if you don't count the three swirls or neons as distinct models, the Jem has been extremely prolific compared with almost anything Ibanez has done.
Originally Posted by jemsite View Post
For example when I was posting an AZ master thread... which "forum" did it belong?
It seems like people generally consider it a mature RG if that means anything.
Originally Posted by jemsite View Post
OTOH pickup/wiring advice is served well in a separate forum. There is no harm in someone coming to post, ask a question & leave for a while.
I wasn't implying merging the tech section into the rest of the forum. Not sure if it seemed like I was implying that? What I meant was to feature the tech section more prominently. I feel that its underserved within the Ibanez community.
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