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Neck pickup shootout: Evolution vs PAF Pro in a RG550RFR

I wanted something pretty over-the-top in this guitar since, well, it's bright red, so I'd originally ordered an Evo neck and Evo 2 bridge for it. I just couldn't gel with the Evo, though, so after a week and a half of wishing it was a PAF Pro, I called up Dimarzio and arranged for a swap. I shot some video and captured a DI before I sent it out, though, so when I got the replacement in I did the same and threw together an A/B comparison of the two, as when trying to make my mind up I was kind of surprised I couldn't find one on YouTube.

The PAF Pro is clearly brighter, deeper, and sort of more "alive" and open clean, though the differences in tone distorted are less pronounced than I would have expected. If anything, the PAF Pro is a hair darker, though the more open attack (IMO of course) seems to make it a little clearer and more responsive. It FEELS very different to me, though, the Evolution feels stiffer, this feels bouncier, and I'm pretty happy with it - this really is my favorite neck humbucker I've ever played.

Anyway, these are two pickups Vai used at various points in his career, and it's a neon RG, so I figured you guys would get a kick out of this. There are cut points in the description on Youtube if you want to be able to jump around quickly.
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