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Re: Neck pickup shootout: Evolution vs PAF Pro in a RG550RFR

I've learned to love my neck Evo, but for a lot of stuff it's a bit too punchy to get what I'm going for when I'm playing a lot of funk/dance/pop stuff. That said funk/dance/pop stuff is work and isn't what I enjoy playing in my own time, for what I enjoy playing the neck Evo is amazing, and out of necessity I've learned how to tame it for the other stuff. Not tried the Evo2, I was thinking between that and a PAF Pro if I pick up an RG550 Genesis, that said I'm just about to order a Suhr Classic T so the red RG550 might take a back seat, we will see.

I was surprised on the RG550 how much I missed the scalloped final 4 frets from a Jem, wasn't impressed with the off the shelf setup. Had the guitar been really good when I picked it up I probably would have bought it on the spot, the shops loss ultimately but I think due to popularity of the model it will sell pretty quickly anyway.
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