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Re: death metal

Originally Posted by JerEvil View Post
Definitely into Death Metal here. Love the classics like Cannibal, Morbid, etc but also into a lot of the European stuff like The Forsaken, Lost Souls, Vader (arguably Death/Thrash), Zyklon, Vomitory, Fleshcrawl and the like. Some blackened thrash too such as older God Dethroned, etc.

I love most anything heavy though.
Zyklon is cool and it's great to hear about more people being into them. Hopefully there will be talks of a reunion as I think all the members of Zyklon (except Destructhor) are in Emperor right now doing the Anthems tour.

Originally Posted by Leviathus View Post
Have you been on lol

I like me some DM. My favs are probably Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Skinless, Behemoth, Nile etc. for the brutal stuff. I enjoy most forms/sub-genres in the "extreme metal" spectrum too, depends on the band at the end of the day I suppose.
Cryptopsy and Nile are both cool although I haven't actually quite followed them in a while. I hear Dallas is no longer with Nile. Cryptopsy, I love the old Lord Worm stuff but I really haven't heard anything new from them recently though.

And yes as a matter of fact, I am a member of although I'm not a 7-string player. I just hangout in the six string section.
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