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Re: HELP!!! Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Wood for JEM Jr. Fretboard??

Just wait, Jatoba darkens A LOT when exposed to sunlight. My Jatoba fretboard has darkened nicely and is now darker than my rosewood fretboards. Compared to rosewood it will be less brown but more of a reddish, almost blood-like tone though. So yeah, new Jatoba looks like ****, aged though it looks awesome.
You can probably fasten this process with the good old vinegar/steel wool stain, last resort: dye it with india ink.
I also think it's quite missleading to use pictures with fresh jatoba while in reality it will look very different from that within a few days. Maybe the should put the guitars into the light for a few days before shipping them or at least inform the customer about that .

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