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Re: HELP!!! Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Wood for JEM Jr. Fretboard??

Originally Posted by cagedbeast View Post
I had the same sort of encounter yesterday. Have been after the RGAT62 which looks great with the dark fretboard. However, after buying it online and going to the store to collect, I was greeted with a garish looking guitar. In fact, the wood actually resembled something more like cheap plywood. It could have been anything (probably was). I'm scooting around trying to find someone who does have a dark one.

One of the shops I rang, (U.K), went as far as to say that they are sure Ibanez will soon be replacing the jatoba wood with some sort of ebony once current stocks have gone. I don't know if anyone can confirm or deny this? I did wonder about staining it, but in all honesty....the wood looked nasty......not something I was interested in owning!

What i want....

What I was offered....
wow, that's night and day different
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