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Re: When is an artist considered "Mainstream"?

Originally Posted by jono View Post
The slip of the tongue record is embarrassingly one of my all time favourites!!! To me, itís the lyrics that date those sorts of songs and make them Ďcheesyí. Iím sure that chart music now will be regarded with equal disdain! I also like Disturbed!
LOL. TBH it's a real shame Vandenberg (co-wrote all songs with David) couldn't record the album as it's not fully Vai's fault but (like Skyscraper) was just too non-cohesive & messy & forced for lack of a better word.

Coverdale is great on twitter though. I feel for him in a way as he suffered with incredibly bad luck & timing & illness (& poor choice in women). First entered Deep Purple (mkIII) which was so lame compared to the historic mkII. That morphed into Whitesnake but went thru too many lineup changes nevermind booting their best fitting guitarist (Sykes). Still he managed to forge ahead only to lose that replacement (AV) to injury. Gotta credit his (obvious) self-realization the band was a parody by then see his own "girly man" comments. The '87 self-titled album had some serious airtime and huge "mainstream" appeal.
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