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1987 Jem 777 SK

I bought it second hand around 1990-1991, and it has been in a case for the large majority of the time since, virtually untouched in the last 20 or so years. Before that it was played, but not all that heavily.

Located in Manchester, UK

Colour is nice and deep. I believe SKs can fade from light exposure.
Body condition is very good - i don't see any chips etc.

The neck plate is heavily corroded (having some corrosion is common), but the serial no. is still discernable. The strap attachments also show signs of corrosion.
The fretboard looks a little patchy. It was fairly dirty and I asked someone to clean it along with a professional setup, but the cleaning was perhaps slightly aggressive.
The original case is missing, but it will be shipped in a brand new Ibanez M300C case.
The bridge guard is present, but broken and needing repair.


You are welcome to come look at it if nearby.

Will ship anywhere at cost.

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