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String Height, Neck Angle, Pick Guard

I have a number of RGs; only one of which (RG3250MZ) has a pick guard.

It feels that the strings are a bit low over the pick guard, making picking awkward.

It seems that the neck doesn't angle back as much as on the other RGs [looks not to, but not clear; bridge is as low as it goes, to set the action correctly].

So, I'm thinking the neck needs shimming; and I did some measuring.

On one of the other RGs, the strings are about 12.3mm above the wooden body.

On the RG3250MZ they are 10.6 mm above the wooden body, and about 8mm above the pick guard.

So, it looks like the neck isn't angled back as much, but here's the awkward bit..:

Even if it were shimmed to the same angle as the other RG, the height of the strings above the pick guard would still be about 2.5mm less than the height of the strings above the wooden body on either guitar.

The question, is whether this is something you just have to live with; or whether the pick guard guitars are set up to compensate in some way. eg with the neck angled to give more clearance, or such ?
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