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Re: Electric Guitar Prices: What are we paying for?

Originally Posted by Takin' a Ride View Post
Most people seem to have forgotten that the "Golden Era" Ibanez guitars that they wax so poetically about had cases as options. I got into an argument with someone recently who seemed really upset that the RG550 didn't include a case and that the pickups were cheap. I invited them to compare the price of an RG550 to the most recent RG655M (MAP vs MAP). They're not just going to cut $200 off the price for nothing.

By the way, not sure if you've noticed this but the pickups in the 550 are not the same as the V Series that were in the 1570 for years. They appear to be subcontracted to whoever makes the Infinity pickups.
Direct comparison

1987 RG550/570 List price - $749.99. Pre MAP, Pre internet, dealers only discounted if they wanted to
2018 RG550/570 List price - $1333.32 - MAP- $999 - and still discounted from there.

Neither included a case.

M100 Case 1987 - $119.95
M100 Case 2017 - $199.99

$749.99 in 1987 → $1,663.75 in 2018
$119.99 in 1987 → $266.18 in 2018

Reality is a bitch to those that live in the past under a rock.
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