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Re: Electric Guitar Prices: What are we paying for?

Originally Posted by The TPS Report View Post
In my opinion the Suhr Modern Pro I was able to buy new four years ago for $2,200 is close to the top of the player's pyramid so to speak. Great craftsmanship. Steel frets. Great Suhr SSV pickups, Gotoh Floyd Rose. Made in America. Wonderful body styling. Reinforced metal plate on the input jack. Donít believe stuff plays or sounds better beyond say $2500 or so as it relates to solid body electrics.

Everything beyond that you are paying for art and collectibility.
It is hard to pin down a price because of the many variables involved, but overall I think you are right.

Originally Posted by Hoseki View Post
I'm happy not to get the hardshell case that just takes up storage space. Gig bag only user for years and years and years now.

Because it's the only way I want my electric guitars. No floating bridge = acoustic guitar.
Yes, hardshell cases take up space.
A good floating bridge stays in tune. Every guitarist needs to play in tune. There are plenty of floating bridges that throw the guitar out of tune. These are not helpful to anyone. Acoustic guitars are great.
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