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Re: Electric Guitar Prices: What are we paying for?

Originally Posted by jemsite View Post
Hendrix & SRV & Blackmore played & abused axes with what people here would not consider "good quality trems". Hmmm.

Sunday I picked up my SG with 008s strobotuned and played (heavy handed) for 90-min staying perfectly in tune. Lets keep it real.
they also had pro techs (remember Lemmy was one of Jimmy's roadies). Not all of us are that lucky.

I'm speaking to my own experience though. I am not saying those old strat trems weren't reliable, not in the least. I'm also not saying that SGs wont stay in tune. I'm saying, in my own experience with a few different guitars, DT355, RC1720M, BL550 reissue, that I've had trouble getting these guitars to stay in tune to my liking. My RC stayed MOSTLY in tune, but after a big bend would definitely move a little either flat or sharp. Not anything super serious for most people, but for me it drove me absolutely mad.
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