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Question S5470 lacks twang (pickup replacement)

Hello Everyone,

A few months back, I bought a second hand Ibanez S5470F (Red Viking). I'm still really amazed by this guitar's playability, and the only bad thing I can say about it is it could have more sustain, but this can easily be solved using pedals and it is to be expected with an Ibanez S right ?

I am really happy with the two humbuckers (they sound great in both clean and dirty tones) but I feel like the middle pickup (single coil) is lacking. First off, positions 2 and 4 sound really thin and have much lower volume than positions 1, 3 and 5 (the middle PU alone is ok and only slightly lower in volume than the humbuckers). If it were only about this difference in volume I wouldn't mind it too much, but the real problem is the tone :

What I like in Ibanez guitars is their ability to get a nice stratocaster-like sound, but mine doesn't quite achieve this... I would like to get some Polyphia, Intervals, Animals as leaders kind of sound (edge of breakup with a lot of twang and a really distinct strat sound) but all my attempts fall short. I feel like it should be easy to achieve these tones with the guitar I am using but...

Do you guys think I could solve this problem by changing the middle pickup to something else ? Or could there be something wrong with the wiring ? I'd really like to get a spankier sound with this guitar : I really fell in love with it and I'd like to make it perfect !!

Thanks a lot for your help !!

PS : What do you guys think of the Hot Grinder pickups, could I get a significant imporvement by replacing them too ?

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