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Re: S5470 lacks twang (pickup replacement)

@jono : Totally agree. I think that the stock humbuckers are really decent, my OD/Hi-Gain sounds are great and my clean tappings are warm and full bodied (but I will swap them out too because I wanna be able to compare them to something else, and maybe try them in my RG which has V1/V2).

I think the one PU I could change to get a big improvement in tone is the single coil pickup : it sounds decent on its own but its not spanky enough IMO, but this is not the real problem...

The real problem comes with positions 2 & 4 : volume is way too low and they are not spanky at all. For comparison, positions 2 & 4 on my Chevy strat (old 80s japanese rebrand) are my favourite because they twang like a m****f****, which I believe is due to the fact that the parallel combination of both pickups gives an out-of-phase kind of effect that I really love (Polyphia/Intervals-esque tone) and that adds to the spankiness.

So I'm wondering what PU combination to use to maximise spankiness and volume on positions 2 & 4 !! FYI I play Progressive Rock in my band (with lots of very different sounds so versatility is a must), and lots of different styles at home (from Jazz to Technical Death). I love technical stuff and I've been playing for around 10 years. Right now I'm leaning toward these setups :

NECK : SH-2n Jazz / Air Norton

MIDDLE : True Velvet / SSL5 Custom staggered

BRIDGE : SH-JB / Tone Zone

Thanks for helpin me out you guys

PS : I will change the stock volume pot too (500k, linear) because it acts weirdly. 0 to 1 makes it go from no sound at all to very loud with no in between, which means I cant do swells... It almost feels like it goes from 0 to 10 with no in between (Im exagerating here but you get the point) : varying the volume doesn't affect the overall sound as much as on my other guitars.

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