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Luke Duke
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Re: S5470 lacks twang (pickup replacement)

I've got a 5570 and the Hot Grinders and Short Tracer weren't BAD, they just weren't great. The neck was too bright and the bridge too mid-rangey. I didn't go with the Tone Zone for the bridge because I didn't want more midrange, I wanted less. I tried to get an F-spaced Gravity Storm (Dimarzio's recommendation), then Air Norton, but unfortunately they were back-ordered so I decided to go with the Liquifire. For the bridge I got a Steve's Special. It's got the twang you are talking about, lots of harmonics too. Dimarzio's website is right, it doesn't drive the amp as hard as you think either. Being that it uses two completely different coil windings changing the orientation makes a BIG difference in the tone. If you flip it over you increase the midrange pretty significantly.

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