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Re: Introducing Mrs. Smith (Debut EP)

Originally Posted by mrssmith View Post
Often it seems people misunderstand the purpose of my music and performances and videos. There's all kinds of strange ideas in comments about why and what I'm doing. What it comes down to is, I believe, more than anything that we need to PLAY within art. Not play the guitar as in execute notes but PLAY it as in be PLAYFUL with it: lose ourselves in enthusiasm inside it. To be PLAYFUL is my motto. That was what I hoped to convey in the clinic and to inspire. There was talk of gear and techniques but my message, I hope, is loud and clear: PLAY joyfully and let the exploration lead you and heck with the rules!! I hope they got that.

Thank you!

Mrs. Smith
There is depth in what you wrote. The first BOLD statement I am not even going to touch because it is too difficult and too sensitive of a topic, but it is true. The second BOLD statement is also true. PLAYFUL exploration can lead to the discovery of something new. There is no need to explore what you already know or break the "rules" unless you have a desire to create something new.
"New means change the method. New methods change the experience. New experiences change man." - Karlheinz Stockhausen
I am not going to touch what the "rules" are because there are musical rules, social rules, and self-imposed rules. The latter rules are personal, difficult to understand, and really hard to break. I mainly wanted to let you know there is depth in what you wrote and it was refreshing to hear and has given me something to think about...
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