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Re: Why won’t the JS4 sell??

Originally Posted by Jamesalister View Post
For the longest time there had been an electric rainbow done by joes sister for sale on reverb for $12k, now it’s been on eBay for $14.5k forever... why isn’t anyone buying this? 1 of 20?? Has to be super Collectable! Seems a 3 or a 5 wouldn’t last one second for sale! Doesn’t look fake, sig n all looks legit... what’s up anyone know??
Rich doesnt want it, Joe doesnt want you want it?....

What do you do with a $12,000 JS?.... Hide it under the bed and try and sell it in 10 years for a MAYBE profit?

Theres a heap of JS's on Reverb/eBay etc that have been sitting over-priced for a long time.... Everyone likes to think their 'rare' JS is worth a fortune.... but at the end of the day, it's only worth what someone else is prepared to pay....looks like $12k isn't a price people are prepared to go with?

Out of curiosity, what would you pay for it?
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