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The Great White Jem Debate of 2019

So this has been the hottest topic in the Ibanez Facebook groups the past two days: what will be the impact of new 7VP?

The topics have been all over the place so I'll try and capture some highlights.

- Is this the sign of the end of FujiGen? (accompanied by resurfacing of the rumor that they'll stop making guitars to make car dashboards)
- The pickguard on the 7VP looks Ibanez fooling us with the Edge and substituting cheap parts everywhere else?
- Is this going to kill sales of the MIJ 7V?

My guess is that 7VWH sales have slowed way down and even if this picks off a few buyers from those ranks, the overall effect will be positive. Rich, do you have a sense of what production looks like on the 7VWH these days?
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