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Re: The Great White Jem Debate of 2019

Of course VWH sales are slow, it's been on the market for 25 years. In fact this year would be a nice 25th anniversary model for the VWH if anybody had thought about it.

Anything indo with an Edge already is cheap, I've said this before in many threads. They have LN instead of TL nuts, they have the cheap twin pin tuners instead of the MB500's, everything inside the guitar is what would be on an Indo, except for the Edge.

I sold a VWH last night after a customer asked me about the VPWH. Not a big sample pool, just a fact to note.

Fujigen's main production is interior wood for the auto industry. It has been, guitars are just part of the wood business. Fujigen has a capacity problem and IMO the solution is for Sugi and Ibanez to partner in their own production facility that only produces Ibanez Japan, period.

How will the P affect sales? Time will tell. Can't you find something more interesting to argue about?
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