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Re: The Great White Jem Debate of 2019

Originally Posted by Leviathus View Post
This model is really disappointing to me, you could probably find an ebony boarded 7VWH from back in the day in the same ballpark price wise. Ibanez is what it is today because of the JEM and i think it deserves its spot at the top of the pyramid (no pun intended) and that means MIJ! The JEM line used to represent the top of the line Ibanez, the most creatively styled axe they have to offer, not living in the past but pushing into the future. Tired of all the throwbacks.

Still holding out hope (probably in vain) for a MIJ show only release later this month.
Firstly, I'd love to see a new MIJ JEM this NAMM, I still think that the JEM represents the "ultimate" guitar for me and I completely understand (and agree) that it needs to at least be on the top rung of the Ibanez ladder. In the same way I think that the new Chromeboy ALSO needs to be on that top rung.

However, I find it a little scary how much a Chromeboy is, but in real terms it's probably no more expensive than the JS10...

As such, I can see the need to be able to capitalise on the draw of the endorsers and the fact must be that Ibanez think that the 7PV will sell. It's a different marketing world these days than it was 30 years ago (or even 20) and folks aren't as content to settle for an RG550, they want a JEM and so Ibanez is simply catering to the market they think they have.

I'm just pleased that this has the "right" trem on it, it's the trem that scares me off the Premium BFP; if that had had an Edge, I would have bought one to be honest, so I see this as a step in the right direction. Hopefully the next one will be one of those photo-dipped printing technology things as a way of getting a swirl on a premium
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