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Re: What key is this?

Originally Posted by Formerly Given To Fly View Post
This is a good question because this stuff is confusing. There are also multiple correct answers...

1. The key is E major (4 sharps in the key signature).
2. Correct, in the key of A major, ii is B minor.
3. You can think of it as a modal thing... A Lydian. All the chords can be found in E major without raising or lowering any pitches. In other words: E major = A Lydian.
It is a nice chord progression, especially on a 7 string guitar.

Thank you for the explanation... Though I'm at work now and don't have a guitar to play with at the moment! I think I understand what you mean by A Lydian = E major, but I'll have to sit down tonight and see/hear it. That might explain why the C#minor sounds so prominent in the progression and the F#minor almost sounds like a passing tone, despite the weight it carries in the progression.

When I hear a song or progression that catches my ear I like to decipher it myself (with very limited theory knowledge) and figure out what makes it intriguing, but this particular progression just gave me fits when trying to improvise over it! Maybe I'll drag out my arch nemesis... the foreign object 7 string.

Thanks again!
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