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Re: What key is this?

Originally Posted by Formerly Given To Fly View Post
Universities do not require 4 years of music theory because it's easy. Dumb music theory related questions do not exist so when you have questions, ask them.

Thanks... I sure would like to be more educated on music theory! Little things can just throw me off, and when I get confused I get frustrated and don't have fun playing... which is the only reason I play. I really appreciate the explanations.

A couple of weeks ago I figured out the chord progression to a cool sounding backing track I had purchased (bought like 450 of them for under $20). The name of the track said it was G major, but it contained an Fmaj chord... threw me for a loop when improvising along with it. The F note really stands out. I had to look it up online and found a lot of info about borrowing chords from another key, bIIV chords, mixolydian mode, etc...

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