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Seeking advice on a guitar with locking trem

I've been learning guitar for about 9 months, and I'm looking for a guitar with a locking trem system.

I bought a used JEM Jr. a few months ago, and I really want to like this guitar. I think it looks awesome and feels really great, but, unfortunately, the frets aren't level, the trem doesn't return to pitch very well, and I don't really like the pickups.

So I'm considering a few different options:

Upgrade the JEM Jr.

I could replace the trem with a Gotoh, have the frets leveled, and install Dimarzio or Fishman pickups. It might turn out great, or I might sink $500-800 into it and end up with a disappointing guitar that has little resale value.

Used S/RG1070PBZ

This is a really cool looking guitar with stainless steel frets and Dimarzio pickups. They get pretty good reviews, but the one I saw in person at Sam Ash looked like it suffered from pretty poor craftsmanship. I could probably find one for ~$900 used.


This is a pretty cool looking guitar. It has the Lo-Pro Edge, which I've heard is great, stainless steel frets, Fluence pickups, and it's a Prestige. My main concern here (besides the steep price)is that the pickups are Fishman's Moderns, which might not be ideal for the music I want to play. Would these work for hard rock and 80s metal? Or would I find myself wanting to replace them with the Classics?

Which route would you go?

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