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Re: Seeking advice on a guitar with locking trem

Originally Posted by cory View Post
I'm comparing it to my main guitar, which is a Warmoth tele I built and had fretwork done to, and has a very low and buzz free action. I've tried, but can't get the Jr's action anywhere near as low. Also, when I take a fret rocker to it, it pretty clearly has a lot of uneven frets.

I do have the trem level to the body, and last night I cleaned the knife edge and applied a little chapstick to it. Now, if I tune and then use the trem to slack the strings, it returns about 20 cents flat. Since I don't have any experience with Floyds, I guess I can't really say if this is unusual or not. Is this considered normal?

I could most likely upgrade the trem with a Gotoh myself, but I wouldn't be able to replace the studs. Would replacing the trem and leaving the studs be a significant upgrade?

The RG920 looks like it'd be a really good fit for me. If I can find one without the quilted maple top, I might go that route.


if you have a fret rocker, then you just mark which frets are high and take a rubber mallet and hammer them back down. As long as your frets don't have gauges or are really worn then high frets are super easy to take care of. Have you checked out the neck to make sure it is straight and doesn't need a truss rod adjustment ?
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