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hi,Cory. I just bought RG 550 genesis about two weeks ago. U should read my post when I asked about it in this forum.

To be honest, I don't know why, but ,personally, I like the stock pickups better than the Dimarzios in RG 655(I believe Rich still has it?) ..I decided to buy the genesis because of it..I made some pickup height adjusments right after I bought it and they sounded differently. Someday I'll probably have to switch my pickups to seymour duncans(which I always like) or bareknucles, but it is surely enough for now.

btw, I just want to ask this : have you adjusted your truss rod before checking the frets? and did you check only three frets at a time with the fret rocker?

and I know that edge zeros are not the best, but I have several friends who have guitars that come with it and they don't have such trouble like yours even after plenty abusive whammy dive bombs. They do, sometimes, then go a bit flat, though, but not too far.

If I am not mistaken, Floyd Roses and Edges and other floating trems usually can not consistently hold the guitar in tune as great as the fixed bridge. So, I guess you will have to accept that consequence( please someone correct me if I am wrong).

If it is possible, I think you should go to a guitar shop or a luthier to have them check it out for you and ask their opinion about this too.
I was in the same boat a long time ago, but it turned out that my non Ibanez guitar only needed some inexpensive adjustments 🙂

Hope you get the best decision,Cory! tell us how it goes!!

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