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Re: Cracked wizard 2, repair recommendations

it is fixable. I have fixed a couple that broke in that same way. Like it was said previously, just take off the nut and release any trussrod tension. You should be able to pull the neck apart enough the get glue in there. Titebond wood glue works like a champ. Don't skimp on the glue, it won't bond with metal so you don't have to worry about the trussrod. It also cleans up with water, so have some wet towels handy to clean up the extra glue. Then you can just clamp it and let it sit for 24 hours. Once you clamp it, the extra glue will squeeze out so just be careful with getting any on your clamp/clamps. You may also consider putting something between the clamps and the neck in order to spread out the surface area of the clamp and not damage your finish. If you have some rubber or cork that would work great.

any further questions just shoot me a PM.
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