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I thought this was the place to get Ibanez info. I got more info from a firearms forum I posted on.
<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Laughing" class="inlineimg" /> That is funny. I have seen 1 lawsuit era Ibanez Les Paul copy and it was for sale in a store for around $900. It sold pretty fast. Your guitar looks to be an SG copy with a single P-90 pickup. Information on older guitars really depends on how well the company documented things, which they did not do very well for a surprisingly long time. (Many companies, not just Ibanez) What did the gun folks say?
They said about the same thing so far. Not likely a lawsuit era despite the lack of model or serial numbers. The consensus over there was a value of around $400. I'll poke around more of the mid 70s catalogs and see if I can find one that matches. From there I should be able to get a decent idea of value.
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