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Re: 1989 JEM777VBK Restoration

Originally Posted by tonetheus View Post
Much respect for taking on this project. I’m an Aussie (from Brisbane) that lives in the US and my VBK is my favorite Jem that I own. To each their own but the 777’s are my favorite players. There’s just this “butter” quality to them that I can’t explain any better than that! Keep up the good work. That’s quite a project that you have taken on.

Thanks tonetheus, it was so good getting her home after two months at the luthier. None of my guitars play as well as her, she's my daily driver and I barely played anything while she was away.

I think I'm going to hold off on the final stages of the restoration as I'd like to have her around for a few months. I think the JEMJR is the next project that needs to be addressed, I have all the parts now and just need to get her to the luthier for the neck work and edge install.
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