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My new RG560 questions and pics

I bought an 80s-era RG560 sight-unseen online, just arrived yesterday. I wanted to get back into an RG560 because I had one that I bought new in 1988 and stupidly sold in 2011. This one that I just bought was relatively cheap, and I'm on a budget. So I took the risk. It arrived safely, and has some issues but seems to be an OK guitar. I'm not a collector but will be gigging this thing frequently. I have a few questions for you guys.

The neck has a faint "V" crack under the nut--I guess I'll use thin CA glue to stabilize that. And it has a neck pocket crack, which I'm not sure if I should even worry about--maybe use more CA glue there?

The biggest thing that bugs me is that the neck is slightly misaligned, such that in the upper register, the high E string is inset a couple mm inward on the fingerboard, while the low E is closer to the edge. I removed the neck, and there are no shims in there. I have never shimmed a neck before, but I assume that I'll have to shim it on one side to get the neck in line. I've read that I may have to slightly widen the bolt holes in the body to allow for the movement to realign it...that sounds a little sketchy.

The body has a red sparkle (not metal flake--but glitter/sparkle) paint job that *appears* to be original, but I don't think there was ever a stock sparkly red for these RGs. It is interesting that the neck pocket does not have the Ibanez RG560 model number, but rather has "NAMM" hand-written in marker. It's definitely an RG560 body, but I wonder if this was maybe a sample or factory second or something like that. Also, the Wizard neck doesn't have an RG550 or 560 model number, but rather has an "IBNZ P.S. 698R" number. I don't know if the neck and body were originally matched with each other.

Also interesting is that the previous owner replaced the pickups and electronics with Jackson J50 and J200 pickups and the JE-1500 active electronics (basically a wah-like tone sweep). The humbucker was fine when I received the guitar yesterday, but now seems microphonic, very thin and low-output. I guess I'll have to replace it, and I'll probably rip out the JE-1500 board and pots, sell it, and put in standard 500K pots and a new humbucker.

If anyone has any tips/suggestions about any of this, please let me know. Thanks!
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