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Re: My new RG560 questions and pics

Thanks to you both. After I posted my questions, I did some more research and was able to realign the neck (had to use a very thin shim).

The bridge pickup was indeed dead, I took it out and tested it on a multimeter (5.3k ohms). I have a used Duncan Distortion on the way to replace it. I chose that pickup because that's what I had in my old 560 back in my metal days and just thought I'd take that trip down memory lane . I haven't played with a ceramic-magnet pickup for a long time, so should be interesting. As for the single coils (stacked single coils, which were too tall and interfered with the strings once the action was where I wanted it), I'll replace those someday. Will just wire it with volume pot to bridge pickup for now.

As for the neck crack, I had already gotten some CA glue in there before I got your reply. If/when it breaks lose or the crack gets worse, I'll probably take it to a local luthier and have him open it up and glue it properly.

Loving the neck!

Thanks again for the replies.

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