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Re: 1989 JEM777VBK Restoration

Originally Posted by FireEagle View Post
Great job on the guitar! Looks fantastic... glad you like the way it plays too. I've never had the opportunity to play a Jem and wonder about the neck profile.

Someone on here mentioned a seller on Etsy that has several different Ibanez decals. I just ordered an old Roadstar II logo and it looks great, but I did not see any Jem logos. Might be worth contacting if you need help with the logo? Very nice seller, product packaged well. He actually sent me two logos, presumably because he knows I will mess up one waterslide and need another... ha ha.

Good luck!

Thanks for the support FireEagle

The neck profile is different to the original RG550's, the early FP's and VBK's are a little thicker and rounder, it's a subtle difference but definitely noticeable. The limited run PBK and RB models have the thinner RG profile and they are absolutely amazing to play, easily the best guitars I have ever played in my life.

One thing I did find when I was selling them in the shop back in the day, is that the necks would often go out of whack over time compared to the FP's and VBK's etc. I don't know if that was just my experience or if it was a common thing?

Having said that, if I saw an RB or PBK come up for sale in Australia for a reasonable price I would buy it in a heart beat. I remember one really bad neck on an RB that was twisted, apparently they repaired it by steaming the crap out of it and then placing it in a jig and storing for a month in the roof space of a house in the middle of an Australian summer. Worked a treat apparently!

Thanks for the etsy link, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'll contact them and get my luthier to do the hard part. I know the original decals were applied without a clear coat, but I think in this instance I'll get a thin nitrocellulose paint job over the top (see attached pictures), the logos on the older jems used to scratch off so easily, especially when threading new strings under the string tree.
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