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Reverb asks, “Will Immersive Audio Change the Future of Music?”

I welcome you to read the article/essay and share your thoughts.

Anything is possible! The Genelec 7.1.4 speaker setup mentioned in the beginning of the article is $27 short of $40,000. I have no doubt it sounded spectacular but most people are not in the position to spend $40,000 on immersive audio. The people that are in the position to spend that amount of money can usually do so several times over. Due to this rather large barrier to entry, high quality immersive music will likely not catch on in a major way, but I could be wrong.

With that said, binaural recording can sound unbelievably good when done well. A Neumann KU-100 is usually required along with someone who knows how to use it. I feel that is not too much to ask.

Ironically, I have been buying music from a label called 2L. They are a Norwegian label run by Morten Lindberg. He is respected amongst his peers. They record immersive classical/acoustic music in Norway’s massive churches at really high-resolutions using really expensive equipment. I am limited to listening in stereo, but the stereo versions of their recordings are the best recordings I’ve ever heard. Then again, maybe I haven’t heard very much. 2L uses speaker formats like 7.1.4 and one day I hope to hear their recordings as intended. They offer digital downloads and physical media in the form of Pure Audio Blu-Rays and Hybrid CD/SACD (you get both discs in the case).

The boundaries have been pushed (NHK 22.2 for example) and will continue to be pushed, but right now, the convenience of Spotify and Apple Music is too alluring making it the easy option for many people. I do not blame them either because companies make streaming music effortless and never mention things like audio quality other than to say “it’s good.”

If there is anything to take away from the article is the reality that musicians have options now that used to be mere pipe dreams. These options are not free and not as accessible as a digital modeler into a Mac, but that might not be a bad thing. Time will tell.

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