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Re: Reverb asks, “Will Immersive Audio Change the Future of Music?”

A couple of things need to be added:
Immersive audio has already changed recorded music. Fantasia (1940) is a good example.

The future of music is unknown, just like the future of most things. However, sometimes you meet a person who works in the broadcasting industry who knows the intended plan for the future of media. I met such a person and what I learned was the audio side of A/V media is going to be "object based audio." Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Aura 3D are object based audio codecs. Now, the more speakers you have the more resources object based audio has to work with, but the cool thing is the audio adjusts to the number of channels available to it. I do not really understand how this works but I was given an app from a company in the Netherlands (perfectly normal everyday occurrence) demonstrating what the different speaker configurations sound like through headphones. It is pretty amazing.

Most of what I've mentioned is not music though, it's audio. Immersive audio creates ambiance and an immersive environment. This works for some music, but for the most part, recorded music tends to work best when it reflects how the music is performed live (assuming it is). Music is also not a leader in the media world. In fact, it has been referred to as "the Wild West." Musicians will experiment with these revived/new tetrahedral microphones and might create something truly new.

(I take back my criticism of Apple. I did not realize the iPhone supports Dolby Digital Plus (E‑AC‑3)(7.1 surround). I am not sure how useful it is at the moment but it seems it has potential. I know other devices have supported Dolby Atmos, but I did not criticize them.)
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