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Re: Reverb asks, “Will Immersive Audio Change the Future of Music?”

Originally Posted by jono View Post
It’s great tech, but from what I’ve seen the future of music is the opposite of what that article suggests. It’s mobile and personal, not immersive and static. Ok so ithe article does hit on that point in its summary, but my statement is so much more dramatic

Whatever works best through the next generation of headphones is where music is headed. To be listened to on the tube, in the supermarket and whilst cutting yourself off from the guy running on the treadmill next to you at the gym.
It is great tech, especially inside of a Genelec demonstration room. Object-based audio is very effective on the headphones you own now. This is where I stop understanding how it works because it has more to do with codecs and software than the headphones. The strengths of immersive audio have a practical use in film through sound FX. There are certain conventions we follow when listening to music that are primarily determined by our brain that we won't break. We will enhance them if possible.

I do no think very many musicians know what is possible and what simply doesn't work. Demonstrations are cool, but they can be misleading, unless every piece of guitar gear you've bought has actually made you a better player and changed your life, as they promise to do.
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