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Re: Reverb asks, “Will Immersive Audio Change the Future of Music?”

Originally Posted by Jemerator View Post
Very interesting topic and insights.
I can speak of my Sennheiser experience. Sennheiser has committed themselves to immersive audio as "the future of audio".
Several products are already available in the so called AMBEO range. Regarding Jonos post I would say that the AMBEO Smart Headset is as good as portable binaural audio can get. You have to try it, but everyone has to decide for themselves.
Here is a link:

If you get the chance, listen to the upcoming AMBEO soundbar, it is absoutely mindblowing. I work for Sennheiser, so you might say that I am not very objective, but I can tell you that a direct comparison of the soundbar to a full 5.1.4 set of Neumann monitors is pretty unbelievable. Not only the base response without any subwoofer, but especially the 3D audio with the sound coming even from behind, due to the calculated room reflections, is totally crazy.
Here is a guy from gizmodo who can relate:

Does this change the way music will be recorded or played back? Surely not in the short term, but for binaural audio and virtual or augmented reality it already does. Even if companies like Magic Leap seem to need more time for their developments, it will surely be a future market that might entail music.
Anytime you want to post information like this, please, do not hesitate. It is useful!
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