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Re: Reverb asks, “Will Immersive Audio Change the Future of Music?”

Originally Posted by jono View Post
I love the idea of this but I don't see (hear?) how this is going to work... Especially through headphones...

I watched the video of the guy with the beard and the glasses and I get the true left to right thing, but how can it model the up down and forwards backwards dimensions? There doesn't seem enough available "speakerage" in a pair of headphones... I certainly got a left/right idea with more echo but none of the videos seemed to have overhead noise, or front/back noise, things were very much left/right...

Most of the folks I see are still using the standard headphones that come with their phone, or have upgraded to some that look like they're from 1980 I'm using the ones from the original packaging of my phone I think, or direct replacements.

I think the biggest issue that will be faced will be convincing people to upgrade hardware, unless it becomes cheap enough to be the only choice! Most folks I know still use the standard speakers in their TV, they're happy to drive a Porsche or an Alfa Romeo, but they're not going to want to pay extra for new speakers. It might be a generational thing, or a British thing, or a grumpy old man thing...
One part of how this works is the HRTF or Head-Related Transfer Function (
How good this works depends on your ears' anatomy compared to the recording arrangement AND of course how good your headphones are. Open-back headphones also work better.
Excuse me, but all headphones that come with a phone are a gift of several bucks, nothing more. You get what you pay for, a GIO isn't a Jem. And we all know it will never be, regardless of what amp you use with the guitar or phone you use with the headphones. Whenever I give my IE 800 to a friend who is interested, I always get the same response: "Wow. I never heard such a detailed and rich sound coming from in-ears. And I never thought this would even be possible."
A lot of people are just not interested in these things and like having a nice car instead. There is not much you can do about it other than having them a listen. I personally sometimes think of how many nice Ibanez guitars I could have bought for the money that I have spent on my car.

BTW: I haven't tried it myself but you can mix binaural audio yourself if you don't have the Neumann KU100 by using a pair of omnis at the right distance apart and something in between them and then use the free Sennheiser AMBEO Orbit daw plugin (

Binaural audio is already fantastic for live music performances or channels that try to create immersive experiences filming just with their smartphones.

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