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It seems you're worried about two things: resale value and condition. These RGs are actually pretty solid guitars. You will find tons of them used, usually Prestiges, more modern versions and they're great used deals. Most modern guitars are not going to keep a decent resale value except for Gibson LPs and some Strats. Those original RGs keep their colors fine as well, but realize the road flare red looks more orange in real life. I dont expect my desert sun Genesis to fade anytime soon, either.

Best advice I can offer is this: buy the guitar you WANT. Like, really-REALLY want. With the features you want. Buy it with the intent to keep it for life. Otherwise, you'll jut be disappointed with the hit you'll take when you sell it.

With the Genesis RGs, make sure play one before you buy because you may not like the heel. I was worried about it but made quick friends with that chunky heel. I have wanted one for a very long time though, so I just went ahead and did it and have zero regrets. It's just what I wanted out of that guitar. Sure I would have preferred an AANJ but then it wouldn't be as authentic, and I already have a Prestige RG that has an AANJ. It's fun to compare the two. I only wish it came with a hard case.

Good luck however you go.
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