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Re: Let's talk pickups and types of wood...

Originally Posted by NevT View Post
Hey everyone,
I've got an RG 760 and a RG 550. Both feel great and play amazing. The issue is the tone. I've swapped the original Dimarzio's because I've always felt that the factory pickups are just "ok" and not the best you could use.
I prefer to play the RG's more than all the guitars I own.
But, none of my guitars have the snarl and bite that my Gibson V has and I want the RG's to have that.
Now the RG's are Basswood, the V is Mahogany, that's probably the major difference. But...shouldn't there be a pick up out there that will give me the same results? Is the wood THAT much of a difference?
I've put the Ceramic Gibson 500T that the V has in the RG's and it's close. but not enough for me.
So those that have tried and compared, and know what I'm talking about, let me know what pickups you've used and what the tone is like in your RG.
Much appreciated...
while wood does play a little bit in to your guitar's sound it seems more likely that it is the floyd that is making some of the difference as well.

another issue is taking subjective terms like snarl and bite and quantifying them to a definitive tonal characteristic. Do you mean more mids, low mids, high mids, depth in the bass, sharpness in the treble ... ?

one way that may help you figure out exactly what you want is to get a 10 band eq and adjust it a little while playing your RG to see if you can tell what you are lacking by actively adding only 1 frequency band at a time. If it is a case of definition you may want to look for something with a ceramic magnet.

the stock tone zone is a very one dimensional pickup to me. It doesn't have the same type of mids that the gibson pickups have.

You might look at the dimarzio transition set, mo'joe, crunch lab/liqi or gravity storm set. If you want something a little more full sounding then maybe the breed set. If you want something with more power and depth maybe the d-sonic with a fred in the neck.
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