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Re: Rg550 genesis,would you buy?what color?

I was very close to buying a genesis, but I ended up getting a good deal on an '87 RG550 I couldn't pass up. I wouldn't worry too much about the necks twisting, mine is straight as an arrow despite how thin it is. Vintage MIJ Ibanez guitars are very well built. Those necks are made of high quality wood and after being treated at the factory, they should never twist or warp so long as it was never dropped or abused/used as a street weapon. The bigger concern with buying an older guitar is that they usually need some love and attention to play as well as a factory new instrument. I had to set it up and tweak the trem a bit to get it to stay proper and in tune, and I had to have someone level the frets, but now it plays great. Now I need to replace the pots and redo all the wiring in mine because someone did a shoddy job on a pickup swap. That's kinda the price you pay for a nice vintage, worn in guitar.

Honestly you cant go wrong either way, the 550 is a great guitar new or old.
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