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Re: Let's talk pickups and types of wood...

The graphic EQ is a good idea actually.
What I mean by Bite and Snarl is probably defined as all that you mention:more mids, low mids, high mids, depth in the bass, sharpness in the treble.
It's just got more attitude in the tone.
The Floyd doesn't seem to apply that much because I have a factory Floyd on the V as well. I've played both Gibson V's with and without Floyds, and each one had basically the same tone.
I've changed out the RG 760 to a Dimarzio Super 3 recently. While it's got good gain, sounds great and I'm happy with it, it's not the equivalent. I put the 500T into the 550 and it's nice too, but it's not the sound that it had when it was in the V.
So I'm thinking...same pickup, different guitar, not the same sound. Gotta be the wood....
Now...knowing this, which Dimarzio will give me the tone I'm looking for?
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