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NGD - Ibanez SZ1220

Hi All

NGD for me, Ibanez SZ1220, the only SZ that was made in japan. Its my third SZ, i have an SZ320, which i'll likely sell now, and an SZ4020FM.

Its in pretty good shape overall, a few marks overall, but plays great.

I'm thinking about maybe refinishing it. It has a few wear marks on the body, and shiny patch has developed. The finish seems very thin, and should therefore be easy to remove, i can pick the darker finish off the back with my nail.

I dont know how much sanding i would need to do to get down to the bare wood, i would imagine it would be a lot less than a thick poly finish from something like an RG550. has anyone ever stripped something similar?

If i could strip it and oil it, and get it to look something like the natural SZ4020FM, i'd be very happy. like this: (without the neck through obviously)

It is a pretty rare guitar though, and while i didnt buy it as an investment, i dont want to lose it if it becomes collectible in the future. the SZ's arnt what ibanez are famous for though, so i guess that wouldnt happen?

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