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Re: NGD - Ibanez SZ1220

The SZ's are so underrated... Nice playing guitars with beefy necks, smaller frets, and the 25" scale. Nicely built too, at least the Korean ones, I've never played an Indo made one. I picked up an SZ320 years ago and just can't seem to get rid of it... They just don't sell for as much as a guitar of that quality and playability should! I decided it made more sense to keep it and put a Norton in the bridge and left the Duncan/Ibanez version of a '59 in the neck. Plays and sounds great... too bad it doesn't have an Edge trem on it... lol.

Would love to find a green SZ520 with the origami bird fret markers in good condition. The only ones I've ever seen were beat up too bad to consider buying. Some of the top 'o the line models don't have fret markers... although I could deal with that for a nice MIJ one like pictured in the original post! Gorgeous!
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