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Seeking Info on Late 80s JEM777SK

Hello everyone! I had inherited a guitar from a cousin who passed a few years ago that was shockingly pink and featured a carrying handle. At the time, I thought nothing of it and stowed it away in a light gig bag in my guitar room (which is temp and humidity maintained).

Flash forward to now and I was cleaning some things out that I no longer use to make room for a new acoustic. I came across the guitar again and decided to look into what it was all about (it isn't sentimental to me in that way). What I have since found is a litany of sites, posts, ads, and information for what I now believe (based on what I've read) is an Ibanez JEM from the late 80s, model JEM777SK.

With that being said, local guitar shops are less than helpful at helping me in my research and often do their darndest to point out things like "The fretboard is dirty" or "The back plate is difficult to read." So, I found this website in hopes that people that are passionate about these kinds of guitars could help out or at least confirm (or deny) my thoughts on the guitar.

I've played guitar for many years now, but this is so far out of my wheelhouse that I would be a fool for not asking for support with this thing. First time posting so please let me know if I need more images or better shots or anything!


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